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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees


Business Services
James E. Short Center
710 S Atlantic
Dillon MT 59725-3598
(406) 683-7101
Email: BusinessServices@umwestern.edu

A student’s registration is not complete until all fees are paid or until fee payment arrangements have been made; deadlines apply.

The Business Services Office provides accounting and business services and strives to serve students in an efficient, effective, and timely manner in compliance with appropriate University, state, and federal regulations. The information that follows will help guide the student in understanding UMW’s fees, the costs associated with higher education, and the policies surrounding these issues.

According to federal law, a student’s financial and academic account is posted under the student’s name, not the parents’. Therefore, all fee statements, bills, and refund checks are mailed to the student, not the parent(s). However, refund checks generated as a result of a Parent PLUS loan are mailed to the parent(s) unless the UMW Financial Aid Office has received written authorization to disburse the funds to the student.

Students are personally responsible for knowledge of policies and procedures governing payment of fees at the time stated in the Academic Calendar . To finalize registration, students must complete the mandatory electronic Registration Finalization form through the student’s account in DAWGS.

Checks should be made payable to UMW for the exact amount due for fees, board and room, and other necessary expenses.

A check presented to UMW that is subsequently returned by the bank for insufficient funds or other reasons will cause the student to be charged a returned check service charge of $25 in addition to the face value of the check. If payment for a returned check including the $25 returned check charge is received after the fee payment deadline, UMW will also assess a late registration fee of $40. An additional $40 late registration fee will be charged if registration/payment has not occurred by the 15th instructional day. See Academic Calendar  for applicable dates and deadlines. Montana Board of Regents policy permits students to pay fees in three  installments. During a 16-week academic term, this policy provides that one-third (1/3) of all charges plus the $30 deferred payment fee are due by the first day of class, another one-third (1/3) within 30 days of the start of class, and the final one-third (1/3) within 60 days of the start of classes. A $30 deferred payment service fee is charged for deferring fees. A Deferred Payment Contract (available at Business Services or on the web at https://www.umwestern.edu/info/business-services/) must be signed and returned to Business Services. Failure to make deferred payments in accordance with the scheduled repayment plan may be cause for cancellation of a student’s enrollment with no refund of amounts previously collected. Students may be determined ineligible for a deferment the following semester.

Policies Business Services 

Monthly Bill Statements

A statement will be sent to students once before the beginning of each semester. Thereafter, billing statements will be electronic. Students may access their bills anytime online through their DAWGS account. It is the student’s responsibility to keep mailing addresses current through DAWGS online. Students are responsible for all tuition payments even if they have not received a billing statement.


Any person who owes UMW any fees, fines, or other charges, regardless of the amount owed, will not be allowed to do any of the following until the full amount due has been paid or satisfactorily adjusted with Business Services:

  • Receive academic credit or grades.
  • Register for classes.
  • Obtain any transcript, diploma, or record.
  • Access any University facilities or services.

A late fee will be assessed the day after the due date if there is a balance due. Any attorney’s fees or other costs or charges necessary for the collection of the amount owed may be added to the outstanding balance.

Tuition and Mandatory Fee Schedules Fall/Spring 2021-22

Information about student fees provided in this catalog is based upon rates for the 2021-22 academic year. For a current schedule of tuition and fees, see the UMW website at https://www.umwestern.edu/section/tuition-and-fees/ The summary tables of fees listed below are the per-credit, per-semester charges for resident, nonresident, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE students). All majors in Natural Horsemanship pay additional program tuition of $1,850.00 per semester.


  Resident Nonresident


(Western Undergraduate Exchange)

Credits Tuition Fee Mandatory Fee Tuition Fee Mandatory Fee Tuition Fee Mandatory Fee
1 $188.50 $199.65 $663.10 $205.73 $282.70 $202.73
2 377.00 213.85 1326.20 220.00 565.40 220.01
3 565.50 228.05 1989.30 237.29 848.10 237.29
4 754.00 242.25 2652.40 254.57 1130.80 254.57
5 942.50 256.45 3315.50 271.85 1413.50 271.85
6 1131.00 270.65 3978.60 289.13 1696.20 289.13
7 1319.50 530.60 4641.70 552.16 1978.90 552.16
8 1508.00 544.80 5304.80 569.44 2261.60 569.44
9 1696.50 559.00 5967.90 586.72 2544.30 586.72
10 1885.00 573.20 6631.00 604.00 2827.00 604.00
11 2073.50 587.40 7294.10 621.28 3109.70 621.28
12+ 2261.50 601.60 7956.70 638.60 3392.40 638.60

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) – Students from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming may be eligible for the Western Undergraduate Exchange program. Upon notification of eligibility, these students will pay 1.5 times the incidental fee for resident students plus all other fees applicable to non-resident students. Contact Admissions for more information on WUE Scholarships.

Mandatory Fee Schedule Definition

All students are required to pay tuition and mandatory fees. All costs for a term must be paid, or satisfactory payment arrangements made, by the end of the third day of the semester/term, after which late fees will be charged (see Academic Calendar for applicable dates).


Non-Refundable Fees (Assessed from the 1st Credit)

Orientation Fee Assessed once to every new/transfer student admitted to UMW. $84
Registration Fee Applied to processing costs; assessed each semester of registration. $30
Admission Application Fee Must accompany all applications for admission. $30


Fees Assessed from the 1st Credit

Academic Equipment Fee Applied to the purchase, lease, and maintenance of equipment, which will provide a primary benefit to the instructional program, including library, faculty, laboratories, and other related acquisitions. $2.90/credit up to 12 credits
Academic Facilities Fee Student-initiated fee to remodel classrooms and laboratories. The remodeling of classrooms and laboratories was initially financed through the issuance of bonds. This fee repays the bond indebtedness and provides funds for classroom and lab maintenance. $2.05/credit up to 12 credits
Academic Support Center Fee The Academic Support Center provides academic assistance services to all students.
The fee assessed students supports tutoring services.
$20.00 per semester
Activity Fee Student-initiated fee applied to the Associated Students of the University of Montana Western (ASUMW) organization; this fee provides support to ASUMW services and activities. Also includes Fine Art Fee, Experiential Learning Grant Fee and Safe Ride Fee. $26.00 up to 6 credits,
$75 at 7 credits or more per
BARC Fee Student-initiated fee to support and expand student access to and use of Bulldog Athletic & Recreation Complex. $40.00 per semester
Building Fees Applied to the long-term debt and used for the acquisition and renovation of buildings, parking lots, or campus infrastructure. Students obtain a parking decal at no charge that allows them to park on campus, except in restricted spaces, with payment of this fee. $34.00 up to 6 credits,
$93.00 at 7 credits or more;
Nonresident students are charged an additional $3.08/credit up to 12 credits
Computer Fee Used for the purchase, lease, and maintenance of computer equipment, software, or related items that benefit the instructional program, including state-of-the-art computer labs. $4.10/credit up to 12 credits
Library Fee Student initiated fee applied toward costs of increased library hours. $8.00
Medical Insurance Fee

Fee All students are required to have medical insurance while attending UMW. Students enrolled for six or more credits for either Fall or Spring Semester will be charged for the student insurance plan on their schedule bill for that semester. Students have until the 15th class day of each term to waive this student insurance coverage at Business Services. Students who drop below six credits before the 15th class day and have not specifically requested insurance are automatically dropped from the plan and the premium amount is credited to the student’s account. Students who withdraw from UMW after the 15th class day will still be charged and covered by UMW’s Student Health Insurance. Internet class credits are not considered in determining the eligibility of the student.

The student insurance plan is available to all students taking a minimum of six (6) credits.

Assessed per semester.

Contact Business Services for current rate

Student Union (SUB) Fee Used to pay a portion of the operating costs, including debt service, for the Student Union Building. $14.95 up to 6 credits,
$28.20 at 7 credits or more
Technology Fee Used to keep the campus infrastructure updated for current core technology (licensing, internet access, email/media distribution, library systems, learning management system, course enhanced software, wiring, switching) as well as provide staff support for these critical instructional/administrative services. The UMW administration and ASUMW Student Senate agree to expenditure budget for these fees each year. $5.15/credit up to 12 credits
Transportation Fee Applied to Intercap Loan Payment for new vehicles necessary to replace 12-passenger vans. $7.50 up to 6 credits
$15.00 at 7 credits or more
per semester
Tuition Fees Applied to instructional costs; varies by student classification and number of credits taken. Varies


Fees Assessed at the 7th Credit

Athletic Fee Helps to support intercollegiate athletic programs and comply with gender equity laws. Students can attend all UMW sporting events, except tournaments, at no additional charge. $39/semester with 7 or more credits
Health Service Fee UMW has contracted with a health care provider to provide medical services for students. This fee provides for a Campus Counselor, free access for students to the Community Health Center services, and a Student Wellness program including fitness equipment. $61/semester with 7 or more credits

Special/Other Fees

Auditor Tuition Fee Students auditing courses are assessed the same fees as courses taken for credit. Varies
Bulldog ID Card Fee & Replacement Fee Cost of original ID and replacement of official university ID $20
Cooperative Student/Internship Fee Per credit hour. $10 Maximum
Course Fees/Field Trip Fees1 Variable. Varies
Deferred Payment Service Charge To set up a deferred student installment plan. $30
Distance Learning Fee – ECE Sites Per credit hour. $25
Certification Fee Per credit hour. $20 Maximum
Distributed Online Learning Fee Per credit hour. $45
Key Replacement Fee Replacement fee for lost dormitory room key. $60
Late Deferred Payment Fee Late charge for default or delinquency of deferred student installment plan. $15
Late Add/Drop Fee Per course, if Add/Drop approved. $10
Late Registration Fee Maximum of two fees may be charged per semester. $40
Graduation Fee Per degree. $35
Graduation/Program Completion Audit Fee Per degree audit. $10
Late fee for Graduation Applications per degree request received after deadlines $10
Replacement Diploma Fee per diploma $30
Out-of-State Student Teaching Fee Fee to cover expenses for out-of-state student teaching. $250
Placement Charge Varies according to service requested to cover postage, copying, etc. Varies
Returned Check Fee Fee for checks returned for non-payment. $25
Single Admissions File Fee Administrative fee for students transferring to another institution $8
Summer/Continuing Education Fee Published in current Outreach Bulletins. Varies; $80 Minimum/Credit Hour
Testing Fee Variable Varies
Transcript Fee Per copy $10

1The Board of Regents may approve additional fees at the request of campuses. Fees frequently are assessed for selected courses such as science course fees, art materials, and health & human performance course costs. Course-related fees are listed on fee statements, which are mailed to all registered students prior to the start of a regular semester, or may be viewed and printed from the website at https://www.umwestern.edu/info/business-services/ Special fees are assessed for extended field trips in various departments. An Education Service Fee is charged for off-campus programs. Other fees and costs may apply.

Costs of On Campus Services

On Campus Housing

Housing Residency Requirements

All students with fewer than 30 total credits are required to live in the residence halls. Exceptions to this policy are granted for the following reasons:

  • Student is living at home with parents or guardians.
  • Student is married or a parent with child custody.
  • Student is 20 years of age or older.
Housing Deposit

Students applying for on-campus housing are required to pay a $200 housing deposit at the time of application. This deposit is applied as a damage deposit. Individuals who cancel their room reservation on a timely basis may be refunded the entire deposit depending upon the cancellation notification date. Students in the residence halls will receive a refund of the $200 damage deposit if there is no damage to their room at the time of final check-out, providing the proper residence hall check-out procedure is followed. Amounts listed are per semester unless otherwise stated.

Residence Hall Room & Board Rates

In addition to the room and board rates listed below, students in the residence halls are charged an additional $20 per semester residence hall activities fee to defray the cost of activities in the residence halls and a $50 per semester telecommunications fee, which is charged to all residents to defray a portion of the fixed costs of the telephone, network, and internet service. Each residence hall room has a telephone jack.

Single occupancy may be assigned depending on available space. For the 2021-22 academic year, UMW offers two meal plans.  Plan one continues to offer a seven-day meal plan and costs $2400 per semester.  Plan one allows students all day access to the dining hall and $130 is applied to a cash flex plan at the Bark-n-Bite convenience store. This allows students to dine at a time that fits into their schedule.  Plan two cost $1890 per semester and allows students 14 meals swipes per week in the dining hall.  In addition, $300 is applied to a cash flex plan at the Barc-n-Bite conveninece store.  There is no carry-over of unused funds to the next semester for either plan.

2021-22 Residence Hall Rates for the Semester 2021-22 Meal Plan Per Semester Additional Charges Per Semester
Regular Double Room $1622

Big Dawg Meal Plan $2400


Little Dawg Meal Plan $1890

$20 Residence Hall Programming Fee

$50 Telecommunications Fee

Regular Single Room 1768
Large Single Room 1901
2-Room Apt (as a Double) 1768
Suite (as a Double) 1706
Suite (as a Single) 2089
Family Housing Rates

Low-cost housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis to families with members attending Montana Western. The living accommodations include units with one and two bedrooms. Rental rates include utilities and cable television connections. Tenants pay a $200 damage deposit when they move into Family Housing. In addition, a $50 per semester telecommunications fee is charged to all residents to defray a portion of the fixed costs of the telephone, network, and internet service. Contact the Residence Life Office for information and applications.

2020-21 Familly Housing Rates Per Month Additional Charges Per Semester
1-Bedroom Apartment $545

$50 Telecommunications Fee

2-Bedroom Apartment 612
Vehicle Registration

Students receive a vehicle hanger decal at no charge when they register their vehicle at Business Services. All students must display a current campus decal if they park on campus between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday year round. Regular parking decals that allow faculty and staff to park on campus are $60 for the year. Reserved parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis for $200 a year. There is a $7.50 replacement fee for all decals lost or stolen.

Other Services

Other services provided on campus include a full bookstore, testing programs, etc. As rates charged for these services are too varied to present in this publication, contact the department providing the service for more information

Refund of Fees

The withdrawal process begins and ends at the Registrar’s Office. The $30 Registration Fee, $30 Admissions Application Fee, and $84 Orientation Fee are non-refundable.

Refund for Withdrawal from the University

Students who withdraw or drop below full-time status during a regular 16-week semester will receive a refund based on the number of instruction days of a semester completed from the start of classes of a term until the time a student completes official action to drop/withdraw. The date used in determining the amount credited to the student’s account is the official withdrawal date as recorded by the UMW Registrar. There is no refund after the 15th class day of a term. Students using the deferred payment plan will have their withdrawal credit applied to their student account, but may still owe some or all of the deferred balance. All existing debts such as a deferred payment plan balance, library charges, bookstore charges, etc., will be deducted from any refund due the student. For further information, contact Business Services.

Refund of Fees – for Dropped Courses

The refund of fees for dropped courses is computed in accordance with the University’s regular fee schedule. No refund or credit is given for drops occurring after the 15th instructional day during a standard academic semester or the pro-rated equivalency during a shorter term.

Refund of Fees for Withdrawal from UMW – Regular Semester

Fees are refunded to students on a prorated basis in accordance with Montana Board of Regents and federal regulations for those who officially withdraw from UMW or drop below full-time status. The amount of fees refunded is based upon the date official action to drop/withdraw is completed, the student’s classification, and the amount of related fees paid. Students are considered enrolled up to the date the Registrar’s Office validates the official withdrawal request or Drop/Add/Withdrawal form. Only in unusual or emergency situations will the Registrar’s Office post-date a withdrawal/drop and/or last date of attendance as a basis for calculating a refund.

Withdrawal Date for Regular Semester

Note: Refund percentages shown below do not include any nonrefundable fees. The “Day of Instruction” pertains to the instructional day of the term as determined by the Academic Calendar (usually the first day of the first block of the semester).

Regular Semester Withdrawal Date Refund %
Before 1st Day of Instruction 100%
1st to 5th Day of Instruction 90%
6th to 10th Day of Instruction 75%
11th to 15th Day of Instruction 50%
After 15th Day of Instruction 0$

Refund of Fees for Withdrawal from UMW Time-Shortened Terms (Summer Session)

Students withdrawing from UMW during a term that is shorter than a regular 16-week semester will receive a refund based upon the percentage of the term completed and the amount of related fees paid. The following schedule reflects the percentage of the paid fees to be refunded in these instances. Refund percentages shown below do not include any nonrefundable fees.

Withdrawal Date For Time-Shortened Courses

The “Day of Instruction” pertains to the instructional day of the term as determined by the Academic Calendar.

Time-Shortened Course Withdrawal Date Refund %
Before 1st Day of Instruction 100%
1% to 6.25% Instruction Days of Term Completed 90%
6.26% to 12.5% Instruction Days of Term Completed 75%
12.51% to 18.75% instructions Days of Term Completed 50%
Time-Shortened Course Withdrawal Date Refund %
More than 18.75% Instruction Days of Term Completed 0%

Return of Federal Aid Funds

Federal regulations define the amount of federal aid funds to be returned by students who have received aid for the semester in which they withdraw. Students who have received aid must consult the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing.

Return of Unearned Tuition Assistance (TA) Funds

Montana Western returns unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided.  TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. 

For a normal block period (eighteen days) the following TA funds would be returned to the Military Department:

Withdraw Period

Completion Time

Return of Unearned TA Funds

1-2 days 10% 90%
3-5 days 25% 75%
5-7 days 40% 60%
7-10 days 55% 45%
After 11th day Over 60% 0%
  • In those instances when a Service member stops attending due to military service obligation, Business Services will work with the affected Service member to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion.
  • Tuition assistance funds will be returned directly to the Military Service not to the Service Member.
  • When using GoArmyEd.com Business Services will request payment after Service member has completed each block. 
  • If another form of tuition assistance is utilized, Business Services will work directly with the Military Service to return funds within thirty (30) days of the Service member leaving the institution.

Refund of Room & Board Charges

Fees paid for room and board charges are refunded on a prorated basis. During the final two weeks of the term, room fees will be forfeited. Residence Hall and Dining Service fee refunds are calculated on a daily prorated basis for students officially withdrawing from UMW. No Residence Hall or Dining Service refunds are made to students who have claimed their reservations for any semester by picking up a key or residing in a hall unless the student has officially withdrawn from UMW by the published deadline for withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawal

Medical withdrawals are granted for significant medical problems. Refunds for medical withdrawals initiated after the third week of classes are reviewed only if a significant medical problem originated in the first three weeks. Documentation from a medical provider must be provided.

Outreach/Extension Withdrawal

Requests for withdrawal from Outreach/Extension courses must be submitted in writing to the School of Outreach. Exceptions may apply to courses requiring the prepayment of fees. Exceptions are described in the Outreach Bulletins

Veterans Benefits Chapter 31 and 33 Payments

UMW will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33.