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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Business Services
James E. Short Center
710 S Atlantic
Dillon MT 59725-3598
(406) 683-7101

A student’s registration is not complete until all fees are paid or until fee payment arrangements have been made; deadlines apply.

The Business Services Office provides accounting and business services and strives to serve students in an efficient, effective, and timely manner in compliance with appropriate University, state, and federal regulations. The information that follows will help guide the student in understanding UMW’s fees, the costs associated with higher education, and the policies surrounding these issues.

According to federal law, a student’s financial and academic account is posted under the student’s name, not the parents’. Therefore, all fee statements, bills, and refund checks are mailed to the student, not the parent(s). However, refund checks generated as a result of a Parent PLUS loan are mailed to the parent(s) unless the UMW Financial Aid Office has received written authorization to disburse the funds to the student.

Students are personally responsible for knowledge of policies and procedures governing payment of fees at the time stated in the Academic Calendar. To finalize registration, students must complete the mandatory electronic Registration Finalization form through the student’s account in DAWGS.

Checks should be made payable to UMW for the exact amount due for fees, board and room, and other necessary expenses.

A check presented to UMW that is subsequently returned by the bank for insufficient funds or other reasons will cause the student to be charged a returned check service charge of $25 in addition to the face value of the check. If payment for a returned check including the $25 returned check charge is received after the fee payment deadline, UMW will also assess a late registration fee of $40. An additional $40 late registration fee will be charged if registration/payment has not occurred by the 15th instructional day. See Academic Calendar for applicable dates and deadlines.

Montana Board of Regents policy permits students to pay fees in three installments. During a 16-week academic term, this policy provides that one-third (1/3) of all charges plus the $30 deferred payment fee are paid at registration, another one-third (1/3) within 30 days of registration, and the final one-third (1/3) within 60 days of registration. A $30 deferred payment service fee is charged for deferring fees. A Deferred Payment Contract (available at Business Services or on the web at https://www.umwestern.edu/info/business-services/ must be signed and returned to Business Services. Failure to make deferred payments in accordance with the scheduled repayment plan may be cause for cancellation of a student’s enrollment with no refund of amounts previously collected. Students may be determined ineligible for a deferment the following semester.

Business Services Policies

Monthly Bill Statements

A statement will be sent to students once before the beginning of each semester. Thereafter, billing statements will be electronic. Students may access their bills anytime online through their DAWGS account. It is the student’s responsibility to keep mailing addresses current through DAWGS online. Students are responsible for all tuition payments even if they have not received a billing statement.


Any person who owes UMW any fees, fines, or other charges, regardless of the amount owed, will not be allowed to do any of the following until the full amount due has been paid or satisfactorily adjusted with Business Services:

  • Receive academic credit or grades.
  • Register for classes.
  • Obtain any transcript, diploma, or record.
  • Access any University facilities or services.

A late fee will be assessed the day after the due date if there is a balance due. Any attorney’s fees or other costs or charges necessary for the collection of the amount owed may be added to the outstanding balance.